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Whatsapp marketing

Messenger marketing platform finds the massive amount of audience, which propel your business and get strong customers. It is more powerful due to simplicity.Parkav InfoTech is being a most trusted company to build brand awareness in your product and have experience in the Whatsapp marketing service.

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WhatsApp Marketing

Our WhatsApp marketing service strategy

Setting goal

This step will help to determine your marketing objective and focus your attention for the future reference.

Targeting audience

Due to the simplicity of the Whatsapp marketing service it will reach more a quality audience and make an effort to target your audience.

Business app

The WhatsApp business app has the specific tool with extra features; we help in creating business profile, catalogue, labels, quick automatic replies, and statistics.

Brand creation

This gives you a unique identity, a mode to understand your business. It gives emotional connect between you and your customers.

Build your contact list

We create subscription forms; place them in different pages of your websites to get more new contacts. This will help you to communicate with customers through the channel they wish.

Great customer service

WhatsApp allows you to provide customer service round the clock, queries will be solved immediately, and fraudulent activities are not motivated.

Uses in WhatsApp marketing

• Intense relationship with customers

• Better sales

• Higher conversion rate

• Lower cost of marketing

• Better online reputation