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Laundry application

Laundry application Development Company

Which can be the best on-demand App? Anything that meets our day to day activities with a solution is surely the best on-demand solution. OK, while checking and collecting data for developing a best mobile application, sparked into our energetic and intelligent mind to launch a vital app, the laundry app. Fast moving and rushing life is always in a search of easiness and that is why on-demand solution in technology is the perfect match for the demands nowadays. Parkav Infotech the world class claimer of developing the best mobile applications uniquely and creative in service. We make this idea implemented to free the humans from tiresome work in this busy world.

Amazing Features

Great ease of use

As everyone say, the mobile application is just an app when it holds the best features alone but an app is the best when it is easy to use which is enhanced for your convenience

Mystery less History

This important feature of this application can notify you about your orders and track them when you where you have been provided with the service with cost, type, no of garments etc.

Manage your orders

Yes, both the user and the admin can make use of this feature in managing the laundry orders which make them schedule their time accordingly. We make your mobile app manageable for your management.

Track with a Map

The only problem which makes everyone in a tensed mind is when we don’t know where our belongings are? And that’s where we integrate a GPS technology with the app for tracking the deliverables.

Search and catch

Search how many laundry services are nearby with just typing the name of the particular and after when you find out, catch the service if it is available for you. No need of roaming in the roads to find out.

Make your time

Schedule at which time you want to pick up your garments from your doorstep and the same can be with the delivery time too. Hence, this time management feature also known as Make your time.

Know to Use and be the Use

Search, Track, Schedule and more..

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