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Flight booking app

Flight booking app Development Company

Parkav Infotech is an on-demand flight booking app Development Company that crafts outstanding mobile applications for our clients across the globe. Building an application for flight ticket booking is a benefit for regular travelers. We integrate UI/UX, which will serve as an eye candy, with the Smartphone and this is what makes our solutions irresistible. This is what we do at Parkav InfoTech. The assistance of our expert team will boost the quality of the output and customer approval. We know what people want. We not only understand, but never miss a chance to make them happy. Joining us to launch your flight booking app will for sure delight your customers and take them to the high point of user experience.

Amazing Features

Pay and active

Add more users to track them, from simple recharge option.

Flight booking

Passengers can make their booking with few clicks and wipes. Users book their flight through the application at any location.

Flight schedule

The passengers can get their flight schedule, available to the destination they want to travel.

Booking status

Passenger booking status will be available in the booking status option, confirmation or cancellation of booking details also verified.

Rating and reviews

A User can give their reviews and ratings for particular flights based on their experience.

Quick login

Phone number and email id can be engaged for the login purpose, it gives the easy login process for the user to get service faster.

Customer app

Admin Web Pannel

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