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Car wash App

Car wash App

On-demand car wash app can be developed according to your requirements and since after the smart phone, this has become the latest trend in making things easier at hands. Mobile application development has become the demanding solution to be the life saver of the mankind. Parkav Infotech has the finest skilled developers in developing a customized application that refrains the difficulties which everyone facing every day. How a Carwash app helps people or the customers who look for it? Simple as we wish like having our work scheduled and completing the task with a mobile phone that has the best on-demand app as a solution. We at Parkav make things easier and simpler for you to do a car wash with a mobile app.

Amazing Features

Real-time tracking

Don’t get tensed and worrying because of unknown, calculate and schedule the service accordingly to your time.

Offers for you

You can get your offers and sell your offers and discounts that makes you connected with the service always.

Subscription Bundles

This application features that allows the customers to choose any subscription bundle services for their car.

Easy Pay

Want to pay for your service without going directly allocating a time for it? Make it simple by online payments and COD.

Search and Catch

Search how many car services are nearby with just typing the name of the particular and catch the service available for you.

Notify and Notified

Notification services for providing updates and offers which you want to notify the customers and get notified vice versa.

Know to Use and be the Use

Search, Track, Schedule and more..


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