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Logistic application

Logistic application Development Company

Parkav Infotech helps you to enlarge On-demand Logistic app for managing the vehicle navigation on run and ensuring on time and accurate delivery. Without using this application it may not be much of an easy task for the logistics industry nowadays. Our Logistics mobile app development will make sure computerization of your transport fleet, effective organization of the routes to follow and the distribution of resources. Parkav Infotech will design and develop the perfect logistics app for your business needs and thus making your customers happy and satisfied. Since 2003 we have experience in mobile app development is a promise to deliver the best products for our customers.

Amazing Features

Flawless UI

User Interface at its best and perfect for a seamless interaction and convenient usage. Don’t put effort to use.

Cost effective

With this application you can manage the goods with proper time scheduling and resources for cost efficient.

Delivery at time

Track lively with GPS integration with the app for avoiding loopholes for the goods to reach as stated.

Simple Pay

We make the payment process to be simple and hassle-free with our in app payment mode through online payments.

Several Platform integrations

Compatibility usage and the availability of the app in all platforms like iOS, Android, etc.

Know about yours

When the customers take your service, make them let you know how they liked with reviews and ratings.

User app

Appealing design

We Are not Alone