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Filed sales app

Filed sales application Development Company

Develop an On-demand Field sales is still and will continue to be the best way of marketing and sales for upcoming years. But it doesn’t essentially mean that managing the activities or tracking the reps should be in the good old established ways. Parkav Infotech develops field sales software solutions for businesses across the globe to provide a new viewpoint to the field marketing. Our mobile applications are highly customizable and flexible to fit in any accessible industry now, from insurance agents to medical reps. Parkav Infotech specializes in creating the feature rich, user friendly mobile applications. And we promise to build you a quality rich, user friendly field sales app. We’re well-built with a team of energetic, passionate application development team who know what they are doing. Our years of experience are your assurance.

Amazing Features


The application usability is the main good function that helps you to access from anywhere at any time.

Real Time tracking

You can ensure whether the sales are going fine or not through the real time tracking and find out.


You can add many features as you want and like it which suits best for your business through integrating with this app.

Generate Revenues

With the help of our field sales app the revenue can be generated through more leads and sales.

Sales Automation

Our field sales application makes the sales automation complete through this manageable feature.

Identify and Rectify

Through the user’s reviews and ratings you can identify the loopholes and can rectify it.

User app

Appealing design

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